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My work abroad requires me to often work with representatives of local administrations. The motivation levels of my local partners are often not what I would hope them to be, and they keep me from achieving our goals… especially when the next step depends on the contribution of the national partner. I found this situation progressively more frustrating and was confused what to do.

I was sceptical of the work of coaches and was also wondering whether simple exercises could really shake up a deeply rooted problem, which on top of that lay outside my sphere of influence. After all, it was the work ethic of the others that I found challenging.
I immediately felt a sense of trust to Juliette, and I could set aside my prejudices. The exercises seemed a little unorthodox to me, and I even wondered what the coach wanted to get at. At the end of the session, however, and in the following days I noticed that the spirit of change was sprouting. We cannot magically change others, but the change inside me gave me back some self confidence and a more positive attitude to my work.
By now, over six months have passed, and I notice how this coaching session has helped me and how positive the influence is that it had on me. (original version in French)

Thomas, United Nations, Canada

Sometimes, listening can be conducive to uncovering emotions, structuring ideas and developing solutions – and Juliette is a case in point. She confronts me and succeeds in prompting me to be more positive, constructive and loving that I normally are. Juliette creates a safe, a clarifying space, in which I can acknowledge my feelings and gain strength to give my every day that direction which makes me feel at home in my life. (original version in German)
Lisanne, Project Manager, Germany

Thinking negatively out of fear of disappointment, out of fear that something I wish for will not come true – that is often a waste of thoughts, time, unnecessary worries, and feelings of gloom. In the course of two sessions, Juliette introduced me to various strategies on how I can become active myself when these thoughts besiege me. Step by step we worked to understand the problem to take account of what I have already achieved. Now I know what I can do when these thought arise, and how I can get rid of them. Her warm openness und shared laughs were very pleasant. Someone who listens and doesn’t think of what is on your mind as crazy or absurd is helping to get to the root of the problem. Two sessions are obviously not enough for an internalised problem, but I am already seeing progress – I just have to stick to the strategies suggested and act on them. (original version in German)

Katrin, General Manager, Benin

My least favorite season in Italy is fall. Not for the falling leaves, first rains or shorter days. For the scariest enemy I have ever encountered on my path. Otherwise innocuous, despite the disgusting smell it can produce, la cimice is not dangerous: it doesn’t bite and it’s not poisonous. It just freaks the hell out of me. (…)

Some weeks ago I took my brother to the train station, and before he closed the door, one cimice got into the car without me noticing. As soon as I started driving, the thing started flying in the car. Those who have seen me near a cimice will know that it’s a real miracle I didn’t have a car accident.(…)

I cannot be a serious emergency professional and be paralyzed by a less-than-two-centimeters insect. Right? It’s just so ridiculous. So I decided to take care of it. At first I didn’t know how, but then talking with a friend she suggested that I ask the help of another friend, who is a professional coach. (…)

And this morning, via Skype – Juliette in Germany, myself in Spain – we had an extremely helpful coaching session in which, through some talking and some very specific exercises, she helped me get over it. I have to say: it was exhilarating.

At the beginning, when I started explaining my issue (because in Germany, how lucky, they don’t have the thing) I felt very uncomfortable – pounding heart and the usual stuff – just talking about it. Then while we went through the exercises, I could feel my unease leave me gradually, I could feel myself more and more able to manage an encounter with the beast, and in the final visualization I could even imagine myself not only not being afraid of the cimice anymore, but also taking it out. Not only taking it out of the room, but taking it with my hands. Not only taking it in my hands but even observing it close-by, and even – EVEN!!! – not caring about it anymore and staying in a room where a cimice is flying.

It was such a liberating feeling. (…) A special thanks to Juliette for being such an amazing coach!

Moira, Emergency Specialist, Italy

Some time ago, I found working with one of my colleagues a real challenge. In conflicts she was self-opinionated, and I always had the impression that I couldn’t communicate with her in a way that led to a solution. My impression was generally that she didn’t grasp what I was getting at, perhaps didn’t want to, even though I kept expressing myself ever more clearly. This tension at work strained me to the degree that I ever more disliked going to work. After the coaching with Juliette, nothing changed about my dislike of that colleague, but I was able to better deal with the conflict. I could stay calmer when talking about problems, and I could accept that I ‘didn’t get through’ to her. Since I didn’t let myself be distracted or get carried away by conflicts, I could once again focus on my work. I am glad that I took this step, because in the beginning I was sceptical whether coaching would help me at all. Juliette quickly figured out the problem, so I felt well understood. Hence, she could help me competently and effectively. (original version in German)
Caroline, Specialist in German Studies, Germany

Dear Juliette,I had the chance to speak to you over skype – a friend of mine from Quebec had recommended you. We talked for a long time and the exercises that you did with me are easy and lead to astonishing results. I did these exercises with hands, eyes, and positive affirmations, and I still practice them. You really struck a chord there… your technique helped me a lot. I will be back in touch some time soon. I hope many people will have the chance to benefit from your expertise. (original version in French)
Ginette, Clerk, Quebec