If you want to find out if I am the right coach for you, I invite you to a complimentary initial consultation in order to discuss your concern and decide whether we would like to work together. Please allocate 15-20 minutes for this conversation. If we want to get started together, we will then analyze your situation, determine an objective or goal and identify and activate your individual potential. I can also assist you with the transfer into your working or living reality.

Coaching for people living abroad mostly takes place by telephone or by Skype. For face-to-face coaching in Berlin we meet at CoachingHaus Berlin. Face-to-Face coaching at other places is possibly upon request.


Length and frequency of the coaching are completely up to you. Experience shows that most issues need three to ten sessions to be tackled as change takes time. But I have also assisted clients that could achieve their objective in one or two sessions. At the same time I am accompanying clients over a longer period, if that makes sense to them and there are several apsects of their career or life that they want to improve. One session lasts approximately 60 minutes – but again, this depends on you and your needs.


Fees for coaching depend on your issue, duration and form of coaching. Details will be clarified before starting to work together.


Trust and confidentiality is a basic requirement to any kind of coaching. As coach I ensure you absolute confidentiality towards any third person. This is also valid in case I am hired directly or indirectly by your company or institution.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me anytime.